A couple of weeks ago, I was developing a web page and I needed to show the company’s location, of course my first thought was, I only include the Google Maps plugin and it is all done.

After that I read the News on the Google Maps documentation, I noticed that if you just want to show your location, it will cost you depending on the number of visitors that you have in the location page. When you are working for small companies, where they have a limit budget, you can not use this type of plugins.

The solution that I found to solve this inconvenient was Leaflet  “is the leading open-source JavaScript library for mobile-friendly interactive maps. This is lightweight and has all the mapping features that most developers ever need”.[1]

Leaflet is easy to use, well documented and very simple, you just have to follow all the steps recommended to setup your first Map application in the quick-start page and you don’t need to worry about unexpected billings from Google.